creates a photo mosaic at incredible high speed

What is Mosaizer Lite?

Mosaizer Lite is probably the fastest photo mosaic creation software in the world. It works completely in the system memory (RAM), including the picture library, and as a result your photo mosaic is created within a second or two. Or less: on an i5 machine it creates a 4 Megapixel mosaic within one second. It's based on the same famous Mosaizer XVi engine, so the quality is absolutely professional. But it's just faster. Much faster.

From left to right an example when you zoom in to 100% real size of an 21 Megapixel mosaic, almost an A3 print size

Mosaizer Lite is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately create a photo mosaic. The application is 100% free and has no hidden restrictions after a period of time. Absolutely freeware.

We are alone

We didn't count them but there must be tens of mosaic creation applications available on the web. Most of them are shareware, and some of them offer services for greater works, like A2 posters. In general these applications are ok-ish. Some of them are great, some of them are expensive, some are even for free. But not considered fast nor user friendly. And hardly any of them offer the combination of quality, speed and for free. And none of the commercially available applications can deliver an A3 HiRes format within one second. But we do.

Size has its limits

The limitations of Mosaizer Lite are of course obvious: the size is limited. For a good reason. The bigger the mosaic the more time it takes to create. The size limit is approximately 90 Megapixels. About 6 times the size of an image from professional Canon or Nikon photo cameras. In other words: about 140 images of 90 pixels each on the horizontal. That's still a very decent A0 print from a normal distance. But... we have added a boost factor of 3. So if you like to try... increasing the mosaic size to 270 Megapixels is also possible. It may take a little longer than 1 second though.

Simple yet effective

Mosaizer Lite does not boast it's possibilities. Yet there are a few very useful and simple features to mention. Automatic quality management, library colour impression inspection, colour matching quality, tile distances, custom library creation, colorize and blend with source picture, sharpen and anti-alias. And log-book output to capture your settings for later. Do we need to say more? Just try it. It will be a good free alternative to its bigger brother Mosaizer XVi.

Download your 32Bit copy Download your 64Bit copy

The software is free to use and is fully functional. The application has no hidden restrictions after a period of time. Absolutely freeware. Please make sure you download the right version for your OS: always choose 64bit if you have a 64bit OS, otherwise choose 32bit, although the 32bit will also properly work in a 64bit OS. Please be aware that none of our apps support Win XP any more, only Win 2000 and later. It is necessary to install and run the application as an admin.
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  • 2022 28 November
  • Version
  • Changes Optimized for Win 10/11, new look, faster, in-app help, fixes
  • PriceFreeware

Some examples of mosaic art

Left the 'bare' quality. Right the auto enhance result. It's a 21 megapixel mosaic, with 60 pixel tiles.

Left the auto enhance result. Right the 'bare' quality. It's just a 2.5 megapixel mosaic, with 36 pixel tiles.

Left the 'bare' quality. Right the auto enhance result. It's a 3.8 megapixel mosaic, with 50 pixel tiles.

Would you believe: a boost factor of 2 and auto-enhance set to 2: 9440 x 7040 pixels (190 MB picture), 80 pixels tile size, and when printed at 300 dpi it's a HiRes print of 60 x 80 cm. Including auto-enhancement it took only 6 seconds to make it.

All these examples were made with the default installed picture libraries and pictures. All these pictures were all made between 1 and 2 seconds processing time. When we activated the auto-enhance feature the post-processing time increased to 3-8 seconds. This post-processing time is comparable with similar pixel processing in Photoshop.