will let you interact with your mosaic and make it alive

What is Interactive LiveMosaics?

Interactive LiveMosaic is an interactive application which lets you 'talk' with your mosaic. Well, not really talk but rather the mosaic will respond to your movements. The application interacts via an attached (web)cam. All the movements are instantaneously translated to a new mosaic. It can refresh the full mosaic, or just the parts where movement was detected. With Interactive LiveMosaic you can attract the attention of people. To invite them into your shop, or let them enjoy your coffee corner. Basically anything to attract people's attention.

Two screenshots of Interactive LiveMosaics at work

Interactive LiveMosaics is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation - and activating the webcam - you can immediately start to interact with the mosaic dynamics. At first use the application starts in demo mode, showing a nag screen. Only when a commercial license is purchased the nag screen will disappear.

Interactive means attraction

The Interactive LiveMosaics software is targeted to attract the attention of people. One of the best ways to attract attention is let people see something extraordinary, something that is considered funny, unique and a bit strange perhaps. But most of all... you have their attention. Interactive LiveMosaics uses a webcam to mirror people's movements in a realistic photo mosaic. The application is basically a giant screen with a mosaic that changes with every movement of people passing by.

Fun at the mosaic fair

Children have an excellent taste for what is nice. They see things that adult mortals don't, and they see fun where we adults don't see it. They see strange pictures moving when they swing their arms. In your shop window full with toys and sweets. Or games. Who cares. Children will find you. Parents and grandparents have trouble taking them away because this is great fun. Hey, what about a little message in some of the mosaic tiles?

Motion detection

Interactive LiveMosaics plays with motion. Your client's movements is the reason to look at the mosaic tiles. And to the attractive offers in your shop window. When no movement is detected for a second or two a (commercial) message can be shown, which disappears when movement is detected again. Each mosaic tile can also be a picture of the stuff you sell, or you want to draw their attention to.

Be unique and be seen

Interactive LiveMosaics can create that important little extra to have customers go to your shop, booth or whatever you want to use it for. You can even show little movies in between (commercials of 20 seconds?) and start with a new mosaic. Or have people guess the mosaic source picture. Or have people guess how many different messages are found in the tiles. They start counting, and guess what: 200 exactly. 'You sir over there: you have won your free icecream!'

Download your copy

The software is shareware, and exclusively intended for commercial use. When no license is found the application will switch to demo mode, where a nag screen is shown, yet all functionality remain untouched. Only the overlay nag screen is shown when in demo mode. When a valid license file is found at start the application is fully unrestricted, ready for use in the public space. Please be sure that you do not violate local laws that governs the presence of a webcam in public space. The price for the application is 229 euro, which includes e-mail support, and if required, 'teamviewer' support.

Download Interactive LiveMosaic.
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Some examples of Interactive LiveMosaics

Two screenshots of the application at work. On the left you see a waving hand. On the right a webcam is focused at walking people passing by a booth. People who see their feet reflected in a mosaic will certainly be attracted to this strange thingy depicted as a .... mosaic?

The mosaic output can be detached from the application and dropped onto a second monitor. This way you can use a simple laptop set-up with an external monitor attached. When in vertical mode also the tiles will be rotated of course. It's all part of the highly customizable application.

Perhaps an unusual way to show the options and possibilities of Interactive LiveMosaics. But it clearly shows that the help documentation is really helpful. However, the versatility is best explained by showing how it gets done. So we made this little teaser movie for you. Check it out... and be amazed what this application is capable of.