makes a mosaic alive and lets the mosaic dance

What is Dynamic Mosaic?

Dynamic Mosaic will make your mosaic alive. It will show a tile full size, then gets smaller, while 'flying' itself to the target position in a ready made mosaic. Or vice versa. Or build-up a mosaic from flying-in tiles. Dynamic Mosaic is a truly unique application: a mosaic picture that rebuilds itself picture by picture, where tiles are flying in or out. Even new pictures can be flying in, e.g. from a webcam, a tethered camera or photo booth. In real time. And there is much more to it: the full mosaic can 'shapeshift', and show commercial messages in between.

7 Screenshots: from left to right you see the tile flying towards it target location

Dynamic Mosaic is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately create a dynamic mosaic. At first use the application starts in demo mode, showing a nag screen. Only when a commercial license and unlock file is purchased the nag screen will disappear.

Talk of the town

Its extremely challenging to stand out in the crowd with a new gadget. Many big hardware companies make dazzling shows which is guaranteed to attract people. Software companies have equally difficult challenges to attract people and show their offered value to potential buyers. With the Dynamic Mosaic application you will for sure stand out in the crowd because this has probably never been done before.

How to attract people

Suppose you offer a prize to win. Would people get back and see whether or not they won a prize? Or would you rather have people come and look several times to check for the solution of your little visual quiz? For instance: how many cats are shown in the mosaic (a cat show)? Or: how many cartoon figures were displayed (you sell comics)? Dynamic Mosaic offers a simple solution to gradually show the answer, and constantly grab attention. It's a live show after all.

Fun for all ages

Children have an excellent taste for what is fun. Granddad takes a picture and finds himself on the big screen to become part of a large mosaic of a cute puppy, while his granddaughter screams of joy to see granddad so big! The more screams the more attention. How about your not-so-funny colleague who finds his resting spot at the dark side of the mosaic, while you were lucky to fly to the coloured side of it? Fun can be managed if you use the right tools. And we've got them.

Be attractive and unique

Advertising is extremely expensive and difficult to get the attention of potential customers. But what if... your message is hidden in small doses, like small pictures that people want to read, and find themselves emerged in your messages? Dynamic Mosaic offers great possibilities to not only wrap your message in nice miniature pictures, but also screensize pictures and videos to show what you have to offer.

Download your copy

The software is shareware, and exclusively intended for commercial use. When no license is found the application will switch to demo mode, where a nag screen is shown, yet all functionality remain untouched. Only the overlay nag screen is shown when in demo mode. When a valid license file is found at start the application is fully commercial and unrestricted.

Download Dynamic Mosaic.
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  • 202220 April
  • Version4.1.0.102
  • ChangesViewer recorder, bugfixes, improved recording quality, effective error catching
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Some screenshots from the help documentation

Some screenshots from the help documentation. These screenshots show a variety of controls and settings which the user can set. Almost all settings can be saved in a project file, and re-opened the next day. You wouldn't want to go through all these settings again, day after day.

Some more screenshots. Left top: flying tiles can be 1 at the time, or 2x2 or even 5x5. Left bottom: the colour correction can also be grayscale. Middle top: internal picture frames. Middle bottom: a series of screenshots of a shapeshift of the mosaic ('exploding'). Right: more examples of colour corrections.

Left: a screenshot of a shapeshifted mosaic, in the shape of an airplane. Middle: custom frames, added as files to the application. Right: caught in the action of a dynamic mosaic ('wind blowing').

What you need to know about our pricing and support

First of all: this is a highly professional application. It's typically targeted for the event market. If we would describe our target users, these characteristics would be applicable: event organizers, photographers, fun masters, party organizers, promotion agencies, photo-booth owners, and interactivity designers. This is an almost unique application, where our clients can stand out in the crowd of the attention seeking markets.
Second, this application is not offered per event or per day. The application is offered on a yearly subscription base, at a competitive market price per system. The American market is represented by our partner, Gary Bordman, AE-ES ( For all other regions please contact us directly. Also for technical support please contact us directly.

Perhaps an unusual way to show the options and possibilities of Dynamic Mosaic. But it clearly shows that the help documentation is really helpful. However, the versatility is best explained by showing how it gets done. So we made this little teaser movie for you. Check it out... and be amazed what this application is capable of.