creates your own piece of art as a true Dutch Master

What is Mondriaan Creator?

Mondriaan Creator creates Mondriaan paintings. Well, not really true paintings. This application uses mathematical algorithms to mimic a Mondriaan picture. It's of course a toy to play with, and we believe it's a nice toy. It's probably an unique application. We haven't found similar applications on the internet, certainly not so mature and usable as we approached it.
Try it for yourself, and use the output in Brickaizer, and build your own Mondriaan in bricks or Ministeck parts. Or in beads. And in case you want a more seamless integration: the functionality will become available soon in Brickaizer as well. Here you find a review of Mondriaan Creator.

An example that you can make within seconds with Mondriaan Creator and Brickaizer.

Mondriaan Creator is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately start. The application is unrestricted and fully functional. And it will stay that way. Forever.

Fascinating paintings

Piet Mondriaan (1872-1944) has created fascinating paintings. Mondriaan was a contributor to the De Stijl art movement and group. 'He evolved a non-representational form which he termed neoplasticism. This consisted of white ground, upon which he painted a grid of vertical and horizontal black lines and the three primary colors' (source: Wiki). His paintings radiate a strong sense of colour and shape, childishly simple as we may think. Do you think you can improve on him?

Just four colours

Mondriaan uses 4 colours against a white canvas: red, blue, yellow and black (lines). With Mondriaan Creator you can define your own colours. Purple, lime, pink and indigo? No problem. You can set the size of the areas (make your own 'Tableau I'), the amount of the areas (make your version of 'Victory Boogie Woogie') and how much colour you want. You can also recolour, merge or cut new areas. Even the line thickness can be defined. Mondriaan Creator can be completely tailored to your needs.

Recreate your favourite

Mondriaan Creator remembers your last used settings and can save your favourite settings as a project, so you can resume any time with your artwork. The projects are exchangeable. You can send your Mondriaan project to your friends all over the world, they can recreate your piece of art in a second. Or rebuild it using Brickaizer.

Download your 32Bit copy Download your 64Bit copy

The software is free to use and is fully functional. The application has no hidden restrictions after a period of time. Absolutely freeware. The functionality is also offered in Brickaizer in which it is fully integrated to make brick mosaics. Please be aware that none of our apps support Win XP any more, only Win 2000 and later.

Security report: 100% clean, by VirusTotal.
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  • 2022 30 December
  • Version
  • Changes Optimized for Windows 10/11, new visual styles, code optimizations
  • Price Freeware

Download these projects

Here are a few projects for you to have a look at. These projects can be made with the pre-installed databases of bricks and colours in Brickaizer. In the zipped file you will find the source file for Brickaizer, the HiRes result picture of the mosaic, and the project file and the blueprint, incl amount and colours of bricks/beads.
If you want to recreate these results in Brickaizer you must make sure that the amount of studs/beads is exactly the same as the amount of pixels of the source picture.

Complete download examples. 1: Left in bricks. 2: Middle in brick pictures. 3: Right in Hama® beads.

Some examples of Mondriaan look-alike paintings

Example 1: A square 256x256 pixel bitmap was created with Mondriaan Creator, and then ported to Brickaizer. Since 256 pixels is equal to 8 baseplates of 32 studs, it's quite easy to build this mosaic. The line width is 2 pixels (so: 2 studs) and the initial result was edited a bit by recolouring, merging and cutting a few areas.

Example 2: There are two ways to manage the 4 colours of the 'painting'. The first is to change the colours in Mondriaan Creator, the second is to apply a different set of colours in Brickaizer. The results are therefore highly tweakable. The background and the left miniature is the result by changing the colours in Mondriaan Creator, while the right miniature is a colour change in Brickaizer of the result in example 1.

Example 3: We used a very thick line (8 pixels, so 8 studs wide) to create a massively looking 'Mondriaan' painting. The result is quite interesting, where the black is quite present. Art is a very subjective area... so you may like it. Or not. The bricks you see here are from the pre-installed Bricklink dataset in Brickaizer, so it should be very easy to replicate this kind of brick mosaic.

Example 4: This is the same result as the one you can download (see link above). It's the result of creating a simple Mondriaan look-alike painting, edit a few colours, merge and cut new areas, and then read the source picture in Brickaizer, and use the Hama® bead set. The pixel size of the source is of course exactly the same as the amount of beads to keep the true colours, without colour bleed.

All these examples were made with the same application, while just changing a few parameters. All of these examples were ported to Brickaizer. All the bricks that were used in the Brickaizer examples are part of the pre-installed brick databases, Ministeck® and beads.