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What can you find on YouTube?

You will find tutorial movies and promotional 3-minute summaries of what each of our applications is capable of. Every promo is packed with application features and examples, and is basically outlining the major functions of each application.
The tutorial videos are without sound, to let you enjoy your own music. We don't have a voice over. Instead we rely on the good old subtitles. We have learned that subtitles is actually a great way to remember the content by its used terms and expressions and then find it back in the help documentation when digging into the details yourself. It's also very helpful for people who don't master the English language all too well.
These tutorials are high-paced. We recommend to replay parts of it to fully understand the steps that are shown. And there is always the 'pause' button.
Below you find thumbnails you can click on, and a short explanation what to expect if you do so. With each click a new (YouTube) tab/page in your browser will be opened to allow you to easily navitage back to this page.
For people living in countries that cannot view YouTube movies we recommend to visit our Vimeo pages. You will find the same videos there.

Mosaizer XV

Our newest application is Mosaizer XV. It fully replaces the Mosaizer Pro application. At the moment we have three instruction videos made available. Mosaizer XV has a somewhat different interface than its predecessor, Mosaizer Pro. Here you find instruction videos for Mosaizer XV specific, and some new videos, like installation, start and how to register your (purchased) unlock file. More tutorials are to expected. At the moment we are working on instruction videos for Mosaizer Video as well.

Mosaizer Pro

Although Mosaizer Pro is the older version of Mosaizer XV, its tutorials are still very informative. On YouTube we have one 3-minute Promo video and a few tutorials made available. In 8 separate instructions videos, these tutorials cover 12 different topics with increasing difficulty and complexity of a feature or function. It starts simple: how to use the graphical user interface. The last link is to an animated mosaic video of a Pixar movie fragment.


On YouTube we have one 3-minute Promo video and 4 quite informative tutorials available. These tutorials cover 9 different topics in a logical sequence. The last tutorial covers a couple of special topics, very useful for the advanced user. Finally, we have added 3 examples of word dynamics, saved as a movie sequence.


On YouTube we have one 3-minute Promo video and 4 quite informative tutorials available. These tutorials cover 9 different topics in a logical sequence. The third tutorial is about the integration with the Bricklink database, while the 4th tutorial covers 4 special topics about using real brick pictures.
Note: the new name of the Legoaizer application is Brickaizer. The videos will not be adapted with the new name, therefore all these videos still bear the Legoaizer naming.

Brickaizer & Artkal Fusebeads

APP Helmond and Artkal Fusebeads (www.artkalfusebeads.com) have started a cooperation program. Artkal manufactures fuse beads, APP Helmond has a great application to create fusebeads mosaics and patterns. Together with Artkal we have created the Brickaizer colour set data, specifically following the Artkal colour sets. These colour sets are pre-installed with Brickaizer. The enthusiastic beads artist now has a great tool in using Brickaizer, which is perfectly aligned with the Artkal bead sets. Creating fuse beads artworks has never been easier! Below you find a couple of tutorials of working with Artkal fusebeads (but these also work with other brands of fuse beads of course).


On YouTube we have only one Promo video available. We are working on the tutorials.


On YouTube we have only one Promo video available. We have no plans yet for tutorials.

Event Mosaic Creator

On YouTube we have a Promo video available. We are working to create more tutorials.

About our videos

APP Helmond posted several tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo. You will probably find more information instruction and information from other sources as well. We have only gathered our own videos in this page. The musical score in the promotional videos is free, licensed from the public domain: The Oo-Ray - Silhouettes.