when you have questions or want to send us a message

How can you contact us?

Send us an e-mail. This is the best and most sure way to direct your questions to us. We usually respond within 24 hours. It depends a bit on the time zone you live in. We live in CET, so in some cases we sleep while you are awake. And vice versa. Please send us your questions and comments, suggestions, complaints (yes, also these) to this address (hope you don't mind the puzzle-like E-mail address, this way the spambots may ignore it): sybren (that's me) 'at' apphelmond (that's the website) 'dot' com (as usual).

Constant improvement

Our products are constantly being improved. The current features have well been tested and the current versions are stable with no known bugs. In case you still have experienced problems we would appreciate your feedback. This will help us to improve our products, solve your problem or do both. Please contact us by e-mail (see address at the top of this page) and let us know what you think of our freeware products, or just ask a question.

About us

The highly popular Mosaizer XV and Wordaizer and all the other applications were designed and developed by APP Helmond, The Netherlands. We develop software applications for graphics support tools since 1996. Our focus is on creativity enhancement using Windows-based software tools. We specialise in user friendly and intuitive interfaces, where visual design is as important as the quality of the result.
Our software is appreciated by many people. We have clients in all corners of the world. Not only desktop PC Windows users, also OS-X enthusiasts know to find us. All our applications are optimised for Windows, but also run smoothly in OS-X systems that have a windows environment, like Parallels or Bootcamp.
One of the most frequent and positive responses we receive from users is the tremendous responsiveness of our applications, e.g. when some parameters are changed. Especially the tweaking responsiveness of Wordaizer and the speed of mosaic creation with Mosaizer XV makes these highly popular applications.