has a new name: Brickaizer

Why did we choose a new name?

Apparently, Legoaizer is widely associated with the well-known coloured bricks from Denmark. While thousands of people like the application because it can create stunning brick patterns, some lawyers don't like it because the assumed association with their world-famous brand.

After numerous attempts to tell them that the application is NOT associated with their brand, and by removing any trace that suggests we are associated, we have lost our case, and were threatened with lawsuits. Since the patent on the bricks had already expired in the late 1980s, we can safely use images of bricks (by the way: none of the text and images we use in our examples infringe any branding trademark), but apparently the application's name was not liked.

So, basically, we were forced to rename our application.

The good news is: the application hasn't changed a bit! And as ever, you can download it and enjoy its merits. Please visit our home page for details.

The APP Helmond Team.