creates photo collages in any given shape and size

What is Collaizer?

Collaizer is a photo collage creator, combining features of many commercially available applications into one stable, easy to use application. It will allow you to make a unique collage of your favourite pictures, holiday, family, kids, boyfriend into a Hi-Res print. The application is filled to the brim with artwork, shape masks, transparent frames and many more surprisingly attractive options. Collaizer is offered for free. It has great possibilities and is very easy to use. Try it!

Some examples that you can make with Collaizer within just seconds

Collaizer is a stand-alone application that works under windows or under a windows environment in OS-X (mac). After installation you can immediately create a photo collage. The application is unrestricted and fully functional. And it will stay this way. For ever.

Extraordinary collages

A photo collage is a great way to print a number of photos on just one sheet of paper, from A4 to A1. With Collaizer you can do that. All you have to do is to drag-and-drop your folder of photos on the 'paper', design your own layout, rotate or resize and put one picture on top of another for that great 3D effect. Use pre-installed artwork pictures to brighten up the layout and print your collage on high quality photo paper.

In control of shape

Sometimes you just have too many pictures you like to show on one A4. With Collaizer you can add as many pictures as you like in one piece of paper, and also in a predefined shape. Or add some fun artwork. Each added artwork is managed as a layer that you can move, resize and delete. Not unlike Photoshop. How about 25 pictures of your boyfriend, positioned in a heart-shape collage? Drag and drop, rotate and add Hi-Res artwork. Collaizer is your complete collage suite.

All in one

Many collage applications exist on the internet. Most of these applications focus on just one specific effect: make a photo collage, shape a collage of photos or edit pictures. Each of those has a learning curve and limited possibilities. We offer just one application that replaces several of the existing 'payware' applications. We offer you free photo collages. As big as you want, as many as you want.

V3.0 is available

Believe it or not: Collaizer is the second in populairty of downloads from our website. Because it's free perhaps? So we gathered all the isssues that were reported to us, and started a full make-over. What has changed? To begin with: optimized for Windows 10 incl. HighDPI screens, with several visual styles to select from. Next, we have released two versions, one for 32bit systems, the other for 64bit systems. It's highly recommended to download the version that matches your Windows system (32 or 64 bit) for better performance. Also, the image explorer is now a genuine Windows explorer, so no longer waiting for the images to show. Overall speed has increased, and stability (greatly) improved. And nicer artwork and interface. Pleasing the eye.

Download your 32Bit copy Download your 64Bit copy

The software is free to use, is fully functional and has no additional hidden or in-app cost. 100% Freeware. While the previous versions and updates were still released as beta (test) versions, the current version is fully tested and now formally released as a mature APP Helmond application. This means that the user can expect full support when issues happen or when bugs are experienced. Like Pattaizer the application has a few limitations after the grace period of 30 days. Registered users can request a free license for Collaizer. Just drop a mail in our mailbox, and we will send you the file. Please be aware that none of our apps support Win XP any more, only Win 2000 and later.
It is recommended to read the help-file about the functions and how to use them. To the best of our knowledge, all the pre-installed artwork was offered in the public domain, with no specific copyright claims. If we have accidentally used proprietary pictures, please let us know, we will remove these immediately.

Not downloading?
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  • 2022 29 November
  • Version
  • Changes Fully rewritten, Windows 10 optimized, processing video files, 32/64bit, genuine Windows image browser

Some examples of photo collage details

About 100 pictures in a heart shape pattern. Each picture was put in a simple white frame (edge) and we added a modest shade to make it look 3D. The background and wooden frame was selected from the build-in artwork selections. The pictures are scans of the top 100 favourite music albums.

A close-up of a collage of just 4 pictures, arranged manually. A simply transparent fancy blue frame was added against a chessboard background.

A collage of 12 or so pictures in a retro looking white frame, with a little bit of shade added on a paper-look baseframe.

This is the lower half as in example 2. We have added a background artwork (chessboard) to the photo compilation as a nice effect to make the collage stand out.

And this is the lower half of the example 1. Packed with presents for the birthday boy. It was printed on photo-quality paper, and stuck it in a 18x24 cm glass frame. It still hangs on the wall.

All these examples were made with the default installed files and pictures. We only selected different folders of pictures. All the artwork shown above is available in the installation, no additional download is needed.